I have known and worked with Al Smuskiewicz for over a decade. For many years, he was the reviewer-editor of my contributions on geology and related topics for the Year Books of World Book Encyclopedia. The Year Books are generally written for high school students who have limited familiarity with scientific terminology. Al did an excellent job of rewriting my draft text for students at those levels, knowing which terms they would be familiar with, which would need to be explained, and which words might have potentially confusing meanings.

For my book Experimenting on a Small Planet, the publisher, Springer Verlag, hired him on my recommendation to rework the complex text of several chapters into a more readable, easily understood form. His knowledge and understanding of scientific terminology is impressive, and he made very significant improvements to the text.

Over my many years of writing for various publications, he has been the best editor I have known.

— William W. Hay, PhD