When it came to writing a thesis, I could not expect any colleague to take on the task of proofreading and editing, and since I kept hearing how important editors were from other thesis writers, I went searching for one. Mr Smuskiewicz was listed in an email by our college as a recommended editor, so I quickly called him before the other students would see the listing and tie him up. Since I had already read my first chapters several times, I assumed that I was giving him an easy job. I assumed wrong. It was only when Mr Smuskiewicz returned my work did I start to realize the deficiencies in my writing style and writing habits. I admit that I had to check my ego when my first document came back scratched up from top to bottom. After that humbling experience, I started to realize the importance of an editor. Not only were the corrections done properly, I felt I started to slowly improve my writing based on his suggested corrections. 

Mr Smuskiewicz is not just any editor. Through his compassion, understanding, and goodwill, not only did I realize his dedication to his work, but I also found a reliable friend. He always responded to my emails, always gave his work back to me on time, and could always handle anything I gave him. I told Mr Smuskiewicz on several occasions that for what he does, he charges too little. In the end, my thesis read so well that I could hardly believe it was my own paper. It actually was my content, but somehow expressed in a way that I could never have done myself. The greatest satisfaction came when the first words from the first juror was, "This thesis read really well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it."

Good-hearted, honest, profound, reliable people such as Mr Smuskiewicz are a rarity. I am eternally thankful for his intense contribution to the most important document I ever wrote. As such, I would never hesitate to recommend his work to anyone trying to make their work—and, in-turn, themselves—even better.

— Nancy O., B.H.K.,(R.Kin), D.Sc.Ost., D.O.M.P.