Waking Up as a Different Person in a Different World


When we go to sleep at night, we assume that we will wake up in the same world in the morning. We will be in the same bedroom, the same house, the same city, the same world, the same universe, and we will be in the same body. We simply take it for granted that all these things will be the same the next day as they were the day before. It never occurs to us that they could be different.


But what if—somehow—things did change overnight? What if we woke up in a totally different, unfamiliar, strange world?




Jeff was a middle-aged man, about 50, balding, with glasses, and he worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency. He lived in a suburban Philadelphia house by himself, leading a generally uneventful, not particularly happy or unhappy life. He had grown used to his rather conventional boring lifestyle, reading or watching TV at night before going to bed… and the next day starting the same routine over again.


Then, one night in 2022 he went to bed, in his usual t-shirt and pajama pants, and the next day he woke up—and everything—EVERYTHING—was different.


The first thing he noticed when he opened his eyes in the morning while lying on his stomach in bed was the hair. He saw long blonde hair draped over his arm. That surprising sight prompted him to quickly shoot upward onto his knees, and that’s when he noticed the breasts under the lacy white bra that he was wearing. What the hell?


He turned around to look in the mirror next to the bed—and got the shock of his life. He was a woman! A young, blonde-haired, extremely attractive woman—probably in her mid-20s. What? What the hell was going on??


Natalia 1


As if that shock wasn’t enough, the room he found himself in caused additional shocks throughout his system. It obviously wasn’t his bedroom, but it also seemingly wasn’t even his world. All the colors were weird and psychedelic—with bright pinks, purples, and blues—like they were out of some 1960s hallucinogenic acid trip. And there were things all over the place that looked like little silver stars drifting upward from the floor to the ceiling—in seeming defiance of gravity. Then he noticed that his own skin had a type of subtle silvery glow to it—a rather unhuman glow.


house 1


It occurred to him that he was probably not on Earth, probably not a regular human, and maybe not even in the same universe or dimension that he was used to. Apparently, some kind of cosmic shift had occurred while he slept, and he somehow got transferred into this alternate body on this alternate world in this alternate universe.


It was indeed like a major head trip from LSD. But he knew he had not taken any drug. He hadn’t even been drinking the previous night. And he also was certain that he was not dreaming. Whatever was happening to him—his thoughts corrected the pronoun to “her” as he glanced in the mirror again—it was real. This was all really happening—with no clues as to how or why or where. Did Earth perhaps get sucked into a giant wormhole and emerge into another dimension? Did the universe turn in on itself and flip inside-out? Did “God” just get bored with the old system and snap His fingers to create something new? He had no idea.


He—she—felt confused, disoriented, and very strange. Those feelings made total sense. But she was surprised that she did not feel particularly bad or anxious or frightened. In fact, she felt strangely good—with an inexplicable sense of acceptance and peace and, yes, excitement!


Was this because he had not been especially happy with his previous life—and now she had a new life, with a whole new personality and an entirely brand new world to explore?


She got out of the bed, stood up, and took off her bra and the soft shorts that she was wearing, tossing them to the floor and completely exposing her naked female body. She gazed at herself in the mirror with great admiration. The body was thoroughly female, with a perfect slim hourglass figure, and it appeared to be fully human—except for that faint silvery glow. Then she ran her hands over the body to feel all her new parts. The feel of the soft female skin combined with the sexy female reflection in the mirror made her feel fabulous. She instantly knew she was going to enjoy being this new person—though she was not yet sure exactly who she was.


She decided to try to find out who she was.


natalia 2


She saw what appeared to be a large closet with sliding doors. She walked through the rising little silver stars, which parted for her as she passed, as if they could sense her presence. Then she slid open one of the closet doors to reveal a vast, absolutely stunning collection of clothes, including numerous dresses, skirts, leggings, blouses, shoes of all styles, purses, and other feminine attire. Just like the Earth girls wore! Except most of these items were very brightly colored, which seemed to be the preferred palette of this world. The clothes were almost all flashy and sparkly and very sexy. She supposed that must be her preferred style, as an attractive young woman.


She selected one of the sexy dresses—a short sparkly magenta-and-gold number with a plunging neckline. It was less brightly hued than most of the other items. She matched the dress with a pair of strappy gold stiletto heels. She thought the dress and shoes went together nicely. She seemed to have an instinct for this style stuff, which was puzzling to her. (Jeff certainly had known nothing about fashion.) The clothes, though as sexy as hell on her fetching female figure, were surprisingly comfortable. She had never felt a luxuriously smooth, soft fabric like this—whatever it was.


After dressing, she noticed a device on a dresser marked with a logo that read “AutoMakeUp.” Assuming that it was not for putting makeup on automobiles, she guessed that it must be for the automatic application of makeup on your face. Oh, what the hell… might as well give it a try. She wanted to look her best. There seemed to be an opening in which to position your face, so she did that, she pushed a button, she felt a brief sensation of light pressure, she heard a beep, and she pulled her face out. Then she looked in the mirror to see her face fully and perfectly made up—with powder, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, rouge, and lipstick. Wow Wow Wow! She looked absolutely fantastic!


After staring at herself with disbelief for several minutes (she was one of the most stunningly gorgeous women that she/he had ever seen), she stepped out of the bedroom to explore the rest of her amazing new environment.


Natalia 3


She discovered that she was in some kind of huge futuristic-looking house, with uncountable rooms. All the rooms and furnishings and decorations were designed in colorful psychedelic colors, like the bedroom in which she had awoken. A wall in one of the rooms had a weird fascinating mural with giant mushrooms. In another room, she noticed what was obviously a computer device sitting on a table. As she approached the device, it automatically turned itself on, with a brightly glowing screen, and then it talked to her. In English! It said in a soothing female voice, “Good morning, Natalia, what would you like to do today?”


house 2


After getting over her shock at the English—she was expecting some kind of incomprehensible space alien language (it had not immediately clicked in her head that “AutoMakeUp” was also English)—she responded, “Uh, can I please, uh, see my, my profile? My, um, biography?” Then she realized that this was the first time she had heard her new voice. It was a soft, pleasing, feminine voice, and she liked it a lot. She also liked her name. “Natalia!”


The computer responded, “Of course, Natalia. Here you go.”


And on the screen appeared words and pictures—all about who Natalia was. She read the biography and looked at the pictures with tremendous excitement, astonishment, and glee.


She learned that her name was Natalia Rousseau. That sounded like a combination of Russian and French to her. Were there Russian and French people on whatever this planet was? She read on…


She found that she was 24 years old, and she worked as a fashion model! (That explained the abundance of flashy clothes in the closet.) She was well-known to the public, with many high-profile modeling appearances… an actual celebrity! She was unmarried, though apparently sought after by several men, as well as women. And she was also seemingly quite wealthy. (That would explain this amazing house.) Modeling paid well.


After taking in all this wonderful, exciting information about herself, she next asked the computer several questions about where she was. The answers were surprising to her. She was not, as she had thought, on an alien planet.


She was a human female, with the subtly glowing silvery skin being a fashionable cosmetic enhancement. This was the year 2525 (just like the old Zager and Evans song). She was living in the city of Los Angeles, in the country—yes, country—of California. And, needless to say, she was indeed on the planet Earth. What about those floating stars that seemed to defy gravity? They were just a type of trendy interior design accessory, as were all the wild psychedelic colors. It seemed that there was currently a 1960s craze among the fashionable elite—an elite that she definitely was part of.


house 3


Natalia now had many of the explanations that she wanted. She was not on an alien planet, or in an alternate, or parallel, universe. She was on Earth in the distant future. She assumed that the following scenario had somehow happened: Some kind of time warp had engulfed Jeff (or Earth) in 2022, hurtling him (or the planet) into the far future, to this specific point in time—September 4, 2525. But in this future world, in this future time, “Jeff” was long dead. However, his soul had been reincarnated into the body of “Natalia,” this vivacious young woman. Natalia remembered that she had been Jeff in a previous life—some 500 years before.


Natalia still did not understand how this bizarre reality had come about. But she decided that she was not going to worry about it. She now had an exciting, successful life. She was young. She was beautiful. She was actually a popular celebrity! And she already knew that she was much happier in this life than Jeff had ever been in his life.


She stepped out of the house, she sat down in her flying car, and she sped out into the world to investigate her wonderfully joyous new life as Natalia Rousseau, 26th-century supermodel. She was a very happy person—finally!


flying car